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The History of Fake Eyelashes: Evolution, Trends, and Cultural Significance

Fake eyelashes seem like an incredibly modern concept, but they have been around for a surprising length of time. Beauty accessories are no new thing, and lash extensions are no exception. They have been around in some iteration for a long time, though they look very different now!

We will go through the history of fake eyelashes, how they came to be, and how they influenced the culture at the time. We will endeavor to run through some significant points in history in regard to fake lashes. We will also give some reasons as to why lashes are the way they are now as a result of the history of the accessory.

As always, when it comes to false lashes, we’ve got an incredible range of products at our online store. When you shop at Method Lash you can be assured that all of our lashes are of the highest quality and made in a sustainable way. None of our lashes are tested on animals and they are all made with completely recyclable materials, even the packaging!


false eyelashes creation

The first creation of false eyelashes was reported to have happened in 1882. A Parisien reporter claimed that city dwellers had found a way of sewing hair into their eyelids. This is an insane idea and makes us wince even thinking about it! Though, it probably worked quite well and achieved some good looks.

In 1902 a German har specialist found a new way of creating artificial lashes and began selling them in London. He went on to invent the perm machine and ended up changing hair forever! These false lashes were a crescent shape with plenty of little hairs on them that you can stick onto your eyes.

The trend for false eyelashes essentially went in the direction of getting longer for some time. Film stars desired extravagance in their looks - particularly at that time as they were still acting in silent films. The lashes continued to get longer while the prevalence was still relatively small and not wide-spreading.

Early Adoptions

In the early 20th Century, eyelashes were made of human hair that were stuck together by the aforementioned crescent-shaped band. They acted as a boldening of the eyelashes and didn’t really add much length. They were supposedly applied using a spirit gum which could cause some horrible irritations to the eyes and the surrounding areas.

Mid-Century Advancements

By the 1950s false eyelashes had really grown in prevalence. Across the world, there was a growing middle class and more leisure time in the post-war era. Though the world was still reeling from the devastation felt as a result of World War 2, people were going out more and enjoying life like never before.

The general style at the time was to make the eyes larger. People were applying false eyelashes both on the top and bottom to create a really large, bold look. These were still applied with lash glue and were not really designed to get wet. This made them quite temporary but still quite effective.

Modern Day Applications

modern tools

Where we find ourselves in the modern day is the best place for lashes without a doubt. The beauty industry has become much more inclusive, creating products for all sorts of different eye shapes and styles. This means anyone who wants to wear some false eyelashes is able to, and that’s important!

False lashes are made from a wide range of materials, including synthetic materials that reduce the impact on the environment and have no animal involvement. Eyelash technology has created products that can withstand water, sun, debris, and more, making them great to wear on holiday and beyond.

At Method Lash, we have a 7-10 guarantee for your lashes. All of our products are made with high-quality materials and are super easy to apply. We’ve got a sustainability pledge that means our practices are committed to having as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. We’ve got different styles for all occasions!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about the history and cultural significance of false eyelashes. False eyelashes are for everyone and at Method Lash, we are committed to helping you look fabulous for any event! Have a look at our online store for some inspiration and to find your new favorite lashes.


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