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Lash Cleansing Tools: Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy and Beautiful

We all need to know how to get healthy eyelashes. After all, natural lashes help protect our eyes from dirt and debris. If any dust or speck comes close to touching our eyes, the lashes trigger or cause you to blink. Think of it this way… If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyelashes are your curtains!

So how do you keep your curtains clean? Rather, how to keep eyelashes healthy? Healthy eyelashes are possible with just a few tricks and tips. Let’s talk.

How To Maintain Healthy Eyelashes?

Tip #1 Don’t Rub Your Eyes Too Hard

rubbing eye

We don’t know about you, but our parents have always told us never to rub our eyes too aggressively. We didn't know why then but, looking back, we appreciate that they kept us from doing so. Who knew that was one way to keep healthy eyelashes? Rubbing your eyes does more damage than you think. Not only can the eyelash hairs break off in doing so, but they can also fall into your eyes and cause irritations.

The same can be said about applying pressure on the eyes. If you’re putting on face or eye masks or are wiping makeup off your face, do so gently. If the makeup’s not coming off, rubbing too much won’t help at all!

Tip #2 Wash Your Face

wash your face

A clean face means that your lashes are clean... Well, for the most part. If you want to put some extra attention on your lashes, you can clean them by using a cotton swab or a cotton pad (like the one you use to wipe off makeup). Just wet the area a bit and carefully apply some gentle soap. Make sure to rinse properly. If you can’t find gentle soap, go check the baby section. Their soaps and shampoos work well in this scenario!

We hate to sound like a broken record, but again… Do be gentle! If your soaps are effective, they’ll do the work for you most of the time. If they don’t, find another solution. And do be careful when using makeup removers around the eye. Some will irritate you if you’re not careful. And cheaper ones will tend to have a fume-y effect on the eyes. Ouch.

Tip #3 Use Products That Are Right For You and Your Skin

Remember those cheap makeup removers and creams that you used to buy when you were younger? If you got rid of those for being too harsh on your skin, then know that you should do the same when you’re an adult. Don’t worry about the money they cost. If they’re bad for you, then they mustn’t be used anymore!

If you find that certain lash glue removers are irritating your skin, look for new ones. Why not even try a vegan lash glue and lash glue remover? They’ll likely be made with far fewer irritants and chemicals… Maybe even none at all!

Tip #4 Use The Right Tools For The Job

Think about your whole makeup routine. Think about how many times you touch your foundation, your palette, your brushes, your whatever-it-is-that-you-use every day… Think about how many things you touch before you do your eyes. We don’t care how clean those items look, they could be gathering some sort of dirt or dust without you knowing!

That’s why we prefer to use a pair of handy tweezers when putting on false eyelashes. We won’t have to lay our fingers anywhere near our eyes with them around. Makeup can get a little… “Dusty”. Just the powders alone can get almost anywhere and using tweezers and other tools helps keep everything more sanitary.

Tip #5 Keep Those Tools Clean

You know those tweezers we mentioned just then? Those would be neatly kept in a storage case when not in use. This keeps them clean and ready for our next lash session. If they happen to get in contact with some glue, we make sure to sanitise them right after. If you wait until the last minute to clean your tools, then they might end up gathering more germs in the meantime. What if you’re in a rush? You might just end up using those dirty tools since you’re in a hurry!

The same goes for our combs, our brushes, our lash curlers, our sponges… You name it, we’ll make sure to clean it when we have to. Anything that comes into contact with our face may end up around our eyes. If we want healthy eyelashes, we’ll make sure everything’s as clean as can be around it.

Simple Steps to Achieve Healthy Eyelashes

healthy eyelashes

We don’t touch our lashes too much if you really think about it. So if you want to know how to get healthy eyelashes, then you’ve got to take care of your entire face as well. It’s the surrounding area!

We think our tips are easy to do for all lash lovers out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to false eyelashes or not. Healthy eyelashes are a must! 

As always, Method Lash is here for you. Our lashes are made with soft, skin-friendly fibres and they’re comfortable to wear. The adhesives and similar products here are made with natural formulations!


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