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Frame Your Beauty: Astonishing Benefits of Lash Extensions

When talking about the benefits of eyelash extensions, one immediately thinks of a beauty boost. Well, you’re not wrong. A lot of us make use of lash extensions to give our look that special little edge. But there’s so much more than meets the eye…lash!

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, You will quickly see that at home lash extensions will save time and money!   With enough practice and time using them, you’ll learn to love them and appreciate the simplicity they bring to your morning routine. 

There are loads more benefits of lash extensions. Some of them you might not have thought of! If you’re ready to dive in, just read on.

No Makeup? No Problem!

influence lash

Let’s get to the clearest and most obvious benefit of lash extensions - and that’s the need for less makeup! For lazy or extremely busy days, having false eyelashes on can give you that mascara look without actually needing it. 

Listen, you can’t really get away with having a fresh face for major events. But that look will do very well for running short errands or casual hangs!

Boost of Confidence

boost confidence

If you look good, you feel good. Simple as that sometimes. 

Whether you are in a board room or at home with the kids - having your lashes just right and will give you that guaranteed boost of confidence, and pep to your step. After all, you only need to focus on the conversation to be had and nothing can stop you now!

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Draw Attention

You’ve seen the cartoons before - a beautiful lady flutters her eyelashes and her suitors are hooked. A full lash can draw attention, as much and as little as you want, you choose your audience.

A glamorous look just isn’t complete without the Audacious of a fully-made face. That dress will catch people’s attention for sure, but those beautiful eyes will draw people in. The benefit of lash extensions is that they can help with that!

Express Yourself

eyelash extension help to express yourself

Now that you’ve drawn people in, you have to engage with them! With a fully-laid lash on, you’ll be able to express your thoughts even more. Talk about letting your eyes do the talking, huh?

With many different styles of lashes, from short to long, and natural to bold - you can choose exactly how subtle or eye catching you want you look to draw!

Waste Not, Want Not

If you take care of them properly, your false lash extensions can last quite a long time. They’re not always single-use!  Be sure you are cleaning your lash extensions when you wash your face to keep them clean from debris.  Then when you are ready for the next set - use a high quality Coconut Oil Remover to remove the lashes seamlessly.   

If you are trying to reuse the lashes , be sure they are clear or any adhesive before reapplying.  And be gentle - they are handmade. All that glue can stay on until the next use. And by that time it would be pretty difficult to remove without damaging the lashes. 

Natural Lash Care

natural lashes

One that seems unlikely but is a benefit of lash extensions is that they could help your natural lashes and your skin stay healthy! Some of us have more sensitive skin than others and applying makeup can cause more pain than pleasure. Mascara? You can skip it.

With a under lash extention, you could skip the eyelash curler as well. Most won’t actually recommend curling at all as they can bend certain extensions beyond repair. Sometimes, the curling also tends to get a little… aggressive. That may lead you to accidentally pluck your lashes off! Yikes!

Save Precious Time

We aren't all early birds. When we wake up in a rush, late for work, we just put on whatever we can and just book it. The advantage of eyelash extensions is that you can at least look a liiiiittle done up. Just get yourself to the office and just do your makeup at your desk.

A little foundation and a little blush are all we need sometimes. And. believe it or not, those few minutes of not applying any eye makeup do help in the morning. It leaves us more time for more important things like finding something to eat for breakfast. 

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Beautiful Benefits of Lash Extensions

benefits of eyelash extension

Open your eyes to the wonderful, nay, ASTONISHING benefits of eyelash extensions! We hope you enjoyed this little journey with us. If you’d like to get your own set of lashes, we’re here for you! Just pop by and check out our vast collection.

We’ve got styles! We’ve got lengths! We’ve got them all!


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