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The Pros and Cons of DIY Lash Extensions: Is it Worth the Risk

If you already wear diy lash extensions, you’ll be well aware of the pros. Wearing diy lash extensions instantly elevates your look. False lashes can add length, width, boldness, and body to your eyes, creating a sultry, alluring effect for your eyes. You don’t have to spend hours perfecting mascara either, these lashes do all the work for you.

Diy eyelashes also offer a cheaper alternative than going and getting them done by a professional. While this is a truly delightful, pampering experience, we know it can be expensive. Learning to do the best diy lash extensions at home is easy when you have the right products. At Method Lash, we have the best DIY eyelash extensions kit.

We will run you through some of the pros and cons in our opinion. When thinking about whether to wear lash extensions or not, think about it in the context of your existing beauty regime. Eyelash extensions are a bit more work but can replace several steps in your eye makeup process.



Once the lashes are on, you’re going to look fabulous all the time. You won’t have to worry about your mascara running or eyeliner being smudged. You can wake up, roll out of bed, get caffeinated and go to the gym and still look incredible. Similarly, if you’re not a morning person then this might be a helping hand to get you a bit longer in bed!

Less Makeup Removal/Application Time

You’ll notice your routine changing slightly. There is a little bit of maintenance and cleaning involved with the diy eyelash extensions, but this is much less than removing/applying makeup at the end/beginning of the day. 

You Don’t Have To Overdo it With Other Makeup

Another great pro for many of us is that false lashes allow for an elevated look without applying too much makeup. If you’re looking for something a little bit more understated than full glam, they will certainly help. Achieve a no-frills, enticing look with a diy eyelash extensions kit.

Cheaper Than Professional

As previously mentioned, they are a much cheaper alternative than getting them done professionally. Professionally-applied lash extensions will cost a fair amount and can also be quite painful! At-home lashes are super easy to apply and are pretty cheap!

Long Lasting

At Method Lash, we aim to have our lash extensions lasting anywhere between 7-10 days. This makes them convenient, easy, and perfect for trips. We want you to have as much energy as possible focused on having fun and not having to worry about your lashes! Shop with us for the best diy lash extensions.

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Allergies and Irritation

Some people have allergic reactions to false lashes. Don’t worry, this is nothing fatal or life-altering, it’s normally just a rash. Consider a different type of lash or do some research if this occurs, there will surely be a suitable answer for your situation.

Some false lashes can cause eye irritation, especially depending on the application process. Your eye isn’t used to them so this is somewhat expected. Your eyes will get used to them eventually if you are applying them correctly.

Can Affect Natural Lashes

You should try and purchase false lashes that suit your natural eyelash. Aspects you should consider are length, thickness, and the curl. If you apply your lash extensions poorly too many times, your lashes might start shedding. If you feel like there is an issue, go see a beautician and they should be able to direct you with greater precision.

Requires Maintenance

Though there is less hands-on work than mascara and eyeliner, there is still some. Eyelash extensions require a sealant and adhesive that you need to clean on an ad-hoc basis. Make sure your eyes are generally clean and any debris has been removed to ensure the lashes can stay for as long as possible.

Restricts Activities Temporarily

Once you have applied these lashes, you will need to wait for a bit until you can: go in the sun, shower, bathe, swim, or go outside if it is particularly windy/sunny. These vary from brand to brand so be sure to read the instructions!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the pros and cons of wearing false eyelash extensions. In our opinion, most things in life take a bit of work if they produce a worthwhile reward. This is why we believe false lash extensions are definitely worth it every time. Have a look on our website for the best eyelash extension products.


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