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Glory - Method’s Cashmere Lash Line 12-16 mm


Elevate your style effortlessly with this lash's sweet and playful allure. The full, natural cat-eyed look is paired with an ultra-thin band for maximum comfort. The bold base and generous length make it the go-to choice for transforming your appearance from natural to confidently bold.


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This sweet and playful style boasts a full, yet natural, cat-eyed every day look. Her fibres are soft and set on an ultra thin band for maximal comfort. Don’t be fooled - she makes a statement, with a bold base and a generous length. She will the lash that transforms you from natural to pop.

Bold without saying too much – that is what makes Glory as glorious as she is. Method’s Cashmere lashes are a variety of lash you won’t find elsewhere. The fibres are soft and the tips match the look of the natural lash hairs. Truly unique in its intricate design. Truly and eye popper.


At Method, our lashes are handmade with love and attention. With that said there may be slight differences from one strand to the next. So don't be alarmed if one sets slightly different from another - it was likely made by a different pair of careful loving hands.

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