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The Best Eyelash Extensions for a Wispy Effect: What to Look For

Before we go on about wispy eyelash extensions, let’s break down what wispy means first. 

Wispy is defined as fine and feathery. It can also mean thin and “spiky” in certain instances. If we’re talking about wispy eyelash extensions, you should expect a fluttery look that’s achieved from a light lash. 

There’s actually more to wispy lash extensions than meets the eye (pun intended). You can get as technical or as simple as you want here. Read on to find out more!

What Kinds of Wispy Lash Extensions Are There? 

Prosper.  The new Shorty Collection.Prosper.  The new Shorty Collection.
Prosper. The new Shorty Collection.

Prosper 9-11mm - Natural Short Shorty Lash


Though wispy eyelash extensions generally aim to give a certain look, there are some variations! No worries, though. They are easy to get to know.


Simple and straight to the point - classic varieties give you a softer look. They are thinner and add to your current lash a little, but enough that you and others will notice a difference. For certain lashes that have gaps on the lash line (or bald spots), a classic wispy can cover those up.


Prevail 14mmPrevail 14mm
Prevail 14mm

Prevail 14mm - Natural Lashes


It’s what the name implies, really. If classic wispy eyelash extensions are laid on one at a time, the volume means you apply multiple. Save these for a special occasion as applying 2 to 6 lashes may make them feel a tad heavy on the eyelids. The things we do for the perfect look!


Hybrid wispy lashes are a combination of the two we mentioned earlier. Thinner and thicker wispy lash extensions will be layered on. Sure, they may not be as consistent compared to the volume lashes, but wispy hybrid lash extensions do help make your lash line look a little thicker and more defined.

When and Where to Wear Wispy Lash Extensions

Wispy lash extensions give off a more natural look, making them suitable for a work day or a night out. That’s why people love them! Wispy natural eyelash extensions are versatile - they can match any look.

Classic wispy lash extensions provide a soft and natural look. They won’t look out of place in the office or just out and about for errands. Wispy lashes are perfect for those who don’t really want to bother applying makeup too much or at all. 

Wispy lashes can still be done up just the same. With a curl and a bit of makeup, it can go from plain to elegant. For more special events and occasions, wispy hybrid lash extensions may be best. They do look more stylish, but they don’t scream too glamorous or will distract in any way. They complement the look, but make the eyes more attractive!

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Some Need-To-Knows for Wispy Lash Extensions

Lash Mapping

You may have come across this term when doing research for wispy lash extensions. What is it, exactly? Put away your graphing pencils and your compass because this isn’t THAT kind of mapping.

Lash mapping is a technique used for making your set of extensions. You’ll be mapping (hence the name) out your lashes based on your eye shape, angles, spacing, and even curls. It’s during this process that you may also take into account the strength of your natural lashes. Sometimes, your wispy lash extensions may get too heavy for your eyelids to support. 

Beginners Don’t Need To Know Lash Mapping

Whether you’re new to the lash game or not, you don’t necessarily need to know how to do lash mapping. If you find decent wispy eyelash extensions, you can simply apply them and just be on your merry way. 

Lash mapping can simply be for the professionals to take care of. By using this technique, lash technicians can customise lashes for their clients - one that best suits their eyes.

Lash Length vs Lash Shape

When aiming for natural-looking lashes, it’s important to take note of where the longest lashes will be and where shorter ones would be better. If you look at your lashes, chances are that the hairs on the corners are shorter and the centre looks longer. Try aiming for that when making your wispy lash extension sets.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Try Wispy Lash Extensions

The best way to really get a proper feel for a wispy lash is to try them on. If you’re feeling a little anxious about them or about lash extensions in general, wearing them inside the house is always a good idea. This minimises any stress that could come from the lash falling off in public or looking a bit crooked. 

And, as always, practice makes perfect! Play around and see what false eyelashes work best for you.


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