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Aptitude starter kit (11-14 mm)


Discover the charm of fabulous flair embodied in our wispiest blended lash. This enduring lifer is your steadfast companion, effortlessly enhancing your eyes with a natural makeup appearance – no makeup required!

Diva Glue choices:
  • White with original applicator tip
  • Black with original applicator tip
  • Black with mascara applicator
High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres
Wispy Wispy
Clear Band Clear Band
Best Seller Best Seller
Lash Ext Hybrid Look Lash Ext Hybrid Look
Recyclable Packaging Recyclable Packaging
Long Lasting

Add on refills as needed

Long Lasting

One kit to change your lash life.

Long Lasting

Wear for 1 or up to 10 days
Reach desired longevity with our SIGNATURE bonds.

This girl is FULL of fabulous flair; our wispiest blended lash that will help add to any eye. She will have you asking for more!  She is a lifer to the family, the one you can always count on.  She is a natural makeup look without the make up.  

She is perfect for the almond shaped eye, and adds glam to the deep set eye - and she is even perfect for glasses.  She will not let you down.

Aptitude is the wispiest blended lash that will provide a beautiful volumous appearance to any eye.

Starter kit Includes:

  • The Method Lash compact 
  • 3 pairs of lashes
  • The diva glue
  • The Method Applicator


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