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Aptitude - 11-14 mm


Meet the girl with full fabulous flair – our wispiest blended lash that guarantees a stunning voluminous effect. A trusted lifer in your collection, she effortlessly enhances your natural beauty, offering a makeup-free allure that's always in style.


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High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres High Quality Synthetic Korean Fibres
Clear Band Clear Band
Best Seller Best Seller
Lash Ext Hybrid Look Lash Ext Hybrid Look
Recyclable Packaging Recyclable Packaging

This girl is FULL of fabulous flair; our wispiest blended lash that will provide a beautiful volumous appearance to any eye. She will have you asking for more! She is a lifer to the family, the one you can always count on. She is a natural makeup look without the make up.

She is perfect for the almond shaped eye, and adds glam to the deep set eye - and she is even perfect for glasses. She is your girl!!

Aptitude truly brings out the best in every eye. Her very unique shape an fiber density sets her apart from all the rest!

Be careful when removing the lash cluster from the packaging as this lash is very delicate. Be sure to press gently on the base of the lash cluster to remove he segment from the tape and- do not pull gently on the full cluster with the applicator.

Be sure to trim off any excess of the clear band from the segments to avoid irritation as this band is slightly more rigid.  

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