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Cruelty-Free Beauty: The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Lashes

It is strange to think that there was a time when all false lashes were taken from animals. Innocent animals would be used as a source of false hair so that we can wear them on our faces for a period of time. Thankfully, this is not the norm these days, though it does still exist in prevalence. 

There are many philosophical questions about the ethics of consuming animal products. Wherever you sit on this argument, we can all agree that you don’t need to use animals as a source of everything anymore. Thanks to modern science, we have been able to artificially create amazing products that rival those made from animals.

At Method Lash, we firmly promote a vegan lashes-forward world. All of our lashes are cruelty-free lashes and are made with a commitment to sustainability, our environment, and the protection of animals. Vegan lashes are a relatively new thing for sure, though we think they are here to stay.

We will outline some of our best makeup cruelty-free vegan eyelashes and their accessories, what are vegan lashes made of, and more. We will explore some of the benefits of vegan lashes, their qualities, and how much better they are for the world than animal-made lashes. Long live vegan lashes!

What Vegan Lashes Are Made Of?

what are vegan lashes made of

The first thing to cover is what vegan lashes are actually made from. Historically, lash extensions could be made from animal hair and fur. This could be extracted from anything from horses to mink. This was long accepted as the norm and the correct way to produce eyelash extensions.

At Method Lash, we used synthetic, plant-based fibres that are formed into beautiful eyelash extensions. These lashes are specially made depending on the thickness, size, width, length, and weight. Each eyelash that we make is made especially for an eye type or to be a certain boldness. 

We end up getting so much more flexibility from synthetic lashes. These fibres can be adapted to perfectly suit the exact purpose that we are looking for. This enables our lashes to work better and feel better for each customer.

Better For Environment

vegan lashes are better for environment

Our lashes are completely recyclable from the product to the packaging. Real hair does not break down that easily. It can decompose over time, though this is not a luxury we have in our current environmental crisis. We need products that do not cause extra strain on the environment right now!

When you buy Method Lash lashes, you can guarantee that our lashes will have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Our lashes will last for 7-10 days and then they can be fully recycled when you’re done.

Better Quality

For the same price point, our lashes are better quality than animal-derived lashes. We are able to produce an adequate amount of vegan fibres that are individually suited to the specific shape, style, and goal you are trying to achieve with lash extensions. Our vegan lashes are more appropriately catered to the requirements of a false lash and are therefore better lashes! 

No Unnecessary Animals Harm

cruelty free

This is the only subjective section for many people. We can all agree that we need to protect our environment and that false lashes are made with more specificity to lash extensions than animal hair. What is important to discuss in tandem with this is the philosophy around using animal products.

Despite what we feel as our personal philosophy, we feel that if we can make these lashes without harming animals then the decision is a no-brainer. We feel that allowing animals to live their lives without being moulded into an eyelash factory. This is our philosophy and we feel that it is something we have worked really hard at achieving.

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Our Brand

method lash eyelashes

At Method Lash, we have created a brand that we are proud of. This brand is a luxury eyelash extension brand that is quality-first. Our ethics and philosophy is a huge part of this but we do not feel that this compromises our quality and dedication to creating incredible eyelash extensions that are also vegan.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about our approach to creating vegan lashes. Whether you are vegan or not, we know our lashes are right for you. These lashes are perfect for all sorts of occasions and will be your favourite lashes to bring with you wherever life takes you. Enjoy these vegan lashes and make a different today.


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