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The Secret to Long-lasting False Lashes: Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

False eyelashes can add some incredible dimensions to your look. Having the ability to choose between bold, sultry, glam, and full-looking lashes on a regular basis is a superpower that we adore. Accessorising doesn’t have to stop at jewellery and bags, having false lashes can tie your whole look together.

False eyelashes, like any sort of makeup, require a little bit of work to upkeep. If you compare the amount of time you spend doing eyeliner and mascara on a nightly basis with false lash care, you will be saving a bunch of time. Lash extension care is straightforward, routine-based, and can be a loving form of self-care.

There are a few secrets to taking care of eyelash extensions. Some of these might seem quite obvious, though some are a little less so. We will give you all of our best eyelash extension care tips, as well as some general maintenance strategies to help your false lashes stay in great shape for as long as possible.

Keeping Your Face Clean

The best way to give your false lashes the best chance of looking fabulous for longer is to give them a solid foundation. The first of our lash care tips is to keep your face and your lashes clean in general, but especially in the lead-up to putting on lash extensions. Lash extension care starts with the general eye area, as this is the key to long-lasting lashes.

The buildup of debris, that can accumulate around your lashes is surprising! This isn’t because you are unclean or any such reason, it is simply a fact of life. Your lashes are there to protect your eyes, and so naturally they collect general floating debris that is in the air. 

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Keeping Your Lash Extensions Clean

Yes, part of your eyelash extension care is that you actually need to clean your false lashes! Apply a foamy cleanser to rinse and wash your lashes every couple of days to help keep them looking fabulous.

You might not be used to washing your actual eyelashes, but the process is simple. Simply wash them before a shower and rinse them off with the water you are cleaning yourself with. You’ll be surprised how much debris false lashes can accumulate in a few days!

Using a Sealant 

Having a sealant is like adding an extra layer of protection for your lashes. The sealant protects the adhesive and gives it the best chance of staying on for longer, while also looking incredible. We have several amazing sealant products on our website that work so well at keeping your lashes in place.

Method Lash - Lash SealantMethod Lash - Lash Sealant
Method Lash - Lash Sealant

Method Lash Sealant - Lash Sealant for Cluster Lashes - Clear,Black


Another thing that sometimes gets done wrong is applying the sealant in the wrong way. You only need a thin strip of sealant across the line where the lash attaches to your lid. Apply the sealant in a thin, even layer to ensure you don’t get any clumping or pockets where debris can collect easier. 

Schedule Around Your Lash Application

Applying false lashes can cause some eye irritation in some people the first couple of times. It is completely normal. The best way to combat this is to ensure you do it when you get home, a while before you get into bed. It is very important to try and leave the lashes to dry and set without any irritation.

After you have applied the lashes, allow them to dry and try not to get them wet for around 24 hours. This means no washing of hair in particular as it can often create extra moisture around your eye area. This will allow the lashes to form a solid foundation and keep them feeling as if they are your own natural lashes!

Getting A Lash Fill

Keeping your natural eyelash line thick, beautiful, and strong is important. This is why it is recommended for those who use eyelash extensions to get them filled every couple of weeks. We don’t always think this is necessary, and once a month is probably doable for regular users.

As you might be able to tell, the aim of the game is to provide your eyelash extensions with a solid foundation. At Method Lash, we take care of the rest. All of our eyelashes are made with extreme care and precision to help you look and feel amazing.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about our tips and tricks for looking after your eyelash extensions. We know that taking a few simple steps towards eyelash maintenance can make a huge difference, and it pays off every single time. Following these tips and tricks will make you more confident doing activities you might have been scared of in the past with eyelash extensions like going to the beach, swimming, and more. Live your best life feeling secure that your lashes will look fabulous for up to 10 days.


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